This book is an insightful, detailed account of one couple’s journey restoring a historic New England farm. In this true story, Susan and Tom Crossen not only find beauty in the farm, but in history and preservation. And through it all they find the patience and determination necessary to see the project to its completion.

In the spring of 2001, a building contractor from a neighboring town drives by an old, New England dairy farm stricken with dilapidated outbuildings and fields overgrown with weeds. Despite the overall condition, he is captivated by the spectacular view of sweeping vistas and the substantial road frontage. Shortly, thereafter, he and his wife purchase the property, which they later discover is an estate of historical significance.

The couple embarks on a major restoration of the farm that proves to be a formidable task. The Roman Revival house and Victorian Era barns required much more work than the couple originally anticipated. Fortunately, their background in the construction field helps them to resolve the many problems encountered. Several years later—and after many trials and tribulations—the couple completes the restoration.

In addition to the documentation of the work that is undertaken, there are over one hundred photographs of the project from start to finish that allow the restoration to chronologically unfold. One can visualize the amazing transformation of the majestic barns and see the house interior furnished in the Federal period style. There is also a detailed history and genealogy of the property.

The dedication by all those involved in the restoration of this historic New England farm makes it all the more a true American dream.

“I have just spent over an hour going through the book, cover to cover, and it is WONDERFUL! Great job and an amazing addition to Coventry History.” - Rose Fowler, Town Historian